Tracy Jones photoWhen summertime rolls around, we all want to escape the confines of our homes and immerse ourselves in the sun and fresh air. Cookouts, outdoor sports, swimming, or even just a relaxing stroll at dusk are just a few of the benefits of warmer weather. Kids want to throw baseballs and ride bikes with their parents. Or they want to build fairy gardens or swim alongside their parents. Whatever it is, you want to be a part of it.

Family enjoying a zoo visitBut what happens when you can’t? What if the pain you are experiencing from a work injury keeps you from playing with your kids or taking those long leisurely strolls? No one wants to be in pain. No one wants to miss out on summer gatherings or tell their kids no because of a work comp injury. Injured workers just want to get the medical treatment they need, so they can get back to doing the important things in life with their families. But too often work comp insurance companies keep people from doing just that. The insurance companies refuse to approve important medical treatment or delay treatment by making you go to exams with their “experts.” They even try to convince you that you cannot see your own doctor. Do not fall for their lies. It’s vital that you understand your rights, including your right to see a doctor of your choosing.  A family spending time outdoorsYou should be in control of your medical treatment and condition.  Don’t let work comp dictate whether you get to enjoy summer with your family. Black & Jones, Attorneys at Law will help you take back control of your work injury and your life.