We won’t let COVID-19 closings slow down your access to benefits.

Our team is fighting virtually — we have the ability to obtain electronic signatures, video conference and process claims for you! Workers’ compensation cases can still be filed. The Commission has implemented emergency hearing procedures to facilitate the advancement of cases.

If you are still working outside your home during the Shelter-in-place order and you are diagnosed with COVID-19, contact Black & Jones immediately to find out what your rights are. Don’t bear the burden and cost of this virus yourself!

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What if I get exposed to COVID-19 at work?

My work is not essential, but they are requiring me to come in, do I have to?

Do I have a case?

Find all the information you need by viewing a variety of Workers' Compensation case scenarios.

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How do I get started?

We meet with all potential clients to discuss his / her rights and obligations as well as how Black & Jones can assist.


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Get the answers you need by viewing our Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability frequently asked questions.

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Meet our Attorneys

Over the years, we have grown in size and experience, but
remain dedicated to preserving the rights of all those
individuals we serve.

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