Workers’ Compensation Reform

Newly elected Governor Rauner wants to enact workers’ compensation reform, taking away rights from injured workers. Two recent studies examining the nation’s various workers’ compensation laws have found it is the workers and tax payers who are suffering through these reforms.  OSHA and ProPublic did the studies. One of the findings is,“Employers are paying the…


Victory for injured workers

Tracy Jones won a significant victory for injured workers. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act requires that an injured worker give the employer notice of the work injury within 45 days of the injury. (Some employers have a company policy which requires notice sooner than 45 days.) For the sudden traumatic event this usually is not…



in Videos

This is the first in a series of two animated commercials. The commercial was created by the ad agency with the help of a freelance scriptwriter and animator from California. The commercial’s intent is to parallel the feelings of the injured worker as they are going through a workers’ comp case. The feeling of being…