Seeing things others miss

Coupe BeforeCoupe After

Sometimes when you look at something, you can’t really see what it is or what it could be. Take this ’31 Ford Coupe for example. Most people would look at the picture of the beat-up body sitting on a makeshift rack and think it needs to go to the junk yard. But some people immediately see a super cool ride that just needs a little time, attention and skill. It’s the people in the second category that are able to turn the scrap into a coupe which catches the eye of everyone it cruises by.

The attorneys at Black & Jones fall into the second category. We can often see something that other firms miss. Oftentimes people are hurting but they are not sure why they are having pain. Maybe they did not have a specific traumatic injury where they can easily say “the pain started when I fell.” Perhaps they don’t know what caused the pain. Black & Jones takes the time to ask our clients the right questions and to listen to their answers. Educating our clients often helps them realize that their pain is indeed related to the work they do. A few years ago, we took over a case from another attorney. At the initial meeting, the client told us that her prior attorney had told her that she did not have a case and that her employer was not liable for the injury she sustained. But after asking the right questions and listening to the client’s answers, it became clear to Black & Jones that she did indeed have a compensable case and that she was entitled to compensation for that injury. The case proceeded to trial and within less than 4 hours after concluding the trial, but before a decision was rendered, the employer’s attorney called Black & Jones and said that they will agree to pay compensation. Why? Because Black & Jones listened to the client and were able to present the evidence needed to prove that the client was entitled to compensation for the work injury.

Injuries can be from some specific trauma that occurs at work or can be an injury resulting from the repetitive job duties performed day after day. Injured workers are not expected to have the medical or legal knowledge to understand the connection between their work activities and the pain they are having. An attorney needs to be able to look at all the information, no matter how bleak or impossible it may appear, and see what the case could be. Just like the guy who can look at the pile of scrap metal and envision the sleek machine it can become, Black & Jones looks at every case and sees what it can be and how it can benefit our client.