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Boundry WatersNavigating the Boundry Waters like Preparing for a Workers Compensation casePortaging Canoe

The Boundary Waters Wilderness area is 1,090,000 acres of wilderness, lakes, streams and rivers. Access to the area is by permit only so the number of people paddling through the area at any one time is limited.  A canoeist can go weeks without seeing another human being.  Cell phones do not work in the area. There are few man made items.  There is no signage to let you know where you are.  To be situationally aware one needs a compass, a good map, and a constant eye on the topography. Getting lost can happen quickly and be quite serious.

To make a successful foray into the Boundary Waters requires the same planning and critical thought required to successfully litigate a workers’ compensation case. Going into the Boundary Waters one wants to bring only that food and gear which is needed. Every portage requires carrying the canoe, food and gear from one lake to the next.  To successfully litigate a case requires critical thought to ensure all of the favorable evidence is properly presented and the unnecessary is left out so a not to confuse the trier of fact. Throughout the trial the attorney needs to be aware of the opponent’s approach and readjust strategy if necessary.