Insurance Companies Can Destroy Your Holidays

christmas-giftsThe holidays are right around the corner. Last week, we posted a video on our Facebook page last week that my daughter created of the staff dancing and singing as little elves. While it was fun and we all at Black & Jones got a good laugh at seeing how goofy everyone looked, I keep thinking about how not everyone’s holidays are bright and cheerful.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are struggling financially and physically. And this time of year can be even worse for them. When you suffer an injury at work, oftentimes you find yourself unable to work. And if you are not getting paid wages from working, it becomes hard to pay your bills and almost impossible to pay for anything extra like Christmas gifts for your family. Many injured workers face a scenario where they cannot work and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier refuses to pay them for the time they are off. Sometimes, even though work comp agrees that they owe benefits, they don’t send the checks out regularly. You are left waiting by your mailbox day after day hoping a check shows in time for you to pay your rent, buy groceries, or prevent your lights from being shut off. That is a scary place to be in. You have no control over what is happening. And you have very little power to force the insurance company to do what they are supposed to.

Take back your power. You have a right to hire an attorney to represent you and force the insurance company to do what they are legally bound to do. Black & Jones will do just that. We will fight to make sure that you receive what you are owed. Our aggressive approach to handling claims means that we will push the insurance company to respond. And if they refuse to do what they are supposed to, we will go to trial.  Give us a call at 815-967-9000, to set up your free consultation.

Don’t let the insurance company destroy your holidays. Take back your power. Black & Jones, Attorneys at Law will help you take back your power.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Black & Jones.