Black & Jones Attorneys at Law, located in Rockford, Illinois, focuses its practice in the area of workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, personal injury, Veterans Compensation and Police and Firemen Disability Pension Claims. In each area of practice, we are dedicated to preserving the rights of all those individuals we serve. We understand that each case consists of individual people with unique needs and experiences. Through our hard work, knowledge, and experience, we strive to meet the needs of each individual.

Attorney Tracy Jones has nine years of experience as an attorney focused primarily in workers’ compensation and personal injury. Black & Jones Attorneys at Law have compassion for meeting the needs of each individual client, their knowledge of the law, and their experience as an advocate for the rights of injured individuals results in positive outcomes for their clients.

Attorney Jim Black has thirty years of experience as an attorney, with twenty-five years in a role as an advocate for injured individuals. For the past twenty-four years, he has focused primarily in the area of workers’ compensation. During the twenty-four year period, he personally represented more workers’ compensation clients than any other attorney in Northwestern Illinois.

Black & Jones Attorneys at Law aggressively advocates for the rights of its clients, which leads them to pursue a matter to the highest level. Black & Jones Attorneys at Law firmly believes that each case belongs to the injured individual and its role is to advocate for that individual and to educate him/her regarding his/her rights under the law, therefore empowering the individual to be in control of his/her claim. Although clients with workers’ compensation claims in the Rockford area make up the largest percentage of our caseload, clients with personal injuries as well as those seeking Social Security disability are growing in number. Black & Jones Attorneys at Law bring the same compassion and dedication to quality and caring services to these individuals as they do to the work-related accident.

Black & Jones Attorneys at Law is the natural evolution from The Law Office of Jim Black & Associates. The Law Office of Jim Black & Associates was established August 1, 2000 as a solo practice law firm at 202 West State Street, Suite 1000, Rockford, Illinois. Initially, The Law Office of Jim Black & Associates focused on workers’ compensation claims, Social Security claims, and Illinois personal injury claims.

The firm grew rapidly. By the end of 2002, nearly 2,500 matters had been opened. The high volume of caseloads demanded hiring associate attorneys. Attorney Tracy Jones began in May of 2006 as a law clerk and then moved to the position of associate attorney in November of 2006, after being sworn in to the Illinois bar. Associate attorney, Tracy Jones, exhibited dedication and hard work along with the skills of a very good advocate and showed herself to be dedicated and passionate about representing her clients. Attorney Tracy Jones became a partner/owner of the law firm in January of 2015, thus creating the firm of Black & Jones Attorneys at Law.

The committed and compassionate staff of Black & Jones Attorneys at Law is dedicated to serving the needs of individuals. We represent individuals in workers’ compensation claims throughout northern Illinois with a regular presence in Rockford, Woodstock, Waukegan, Rock Island, Geneva, Peoria, and Wheaton. Social Security clients are represented throughout northern Illinois. Since its inception, The Law Office of Jim Black & Associates and now Black & Jones Attorneys Law have opened more than 10,000 client matters which have translated into settlements or awards in excess of $100,000,000.00.