Black and Jones Attorneys at Law is the ultimate culmination of Jim Black and Tracy Jones’ commitment to representing injured workers and people with disabilities. Attorney Jim Black first started the law firm operating under the name of The Law Office of Jim Black & Associates in 2000. Through his aggressive representation of his clients and his passionate commitment to serving those in need, his firm rapidly grew with the addition of several associate attorneys. Over the past 15 years, it has evolved and grown and in many ways and has become a fine operating machine with systems and routines in place. A fine operating machine carries with it its own danger, because it needs to be constantly changing and responding to the outside needs and demands of the clients. This is where somebody like Tracy Jones fits the bill very well.

Attorney Tracy Jones joined the firm in 2006. She brought a tenacious attitude, new perspective, and zeal, which equaled that of Jim Black’s to the firm. After working together for seven years, Tracy Jones was moved into the role of Managing Attorney. By January 2015, Tracy Jones became an equity partner in the firm.

With the new partnership came the perfect opportunity to rename the firm to Black and Jones Attorneys at Law. Attorney Jim Black and Attorney Tracy Jones share a dedication to aggressively representing their clients with a tenacity, which rivals other firms.

Because of their unique perspective and their shared commitment to clients, the attorneys at Black and Jones Attorneys at Law are able to offer their clients the kind of representation that they deserve. Clients will benefit from more than forty years of combined experience and the aggressive legal representation that Jim Black and Tracy Jones are known for. The partnership of Jim Black and Tracy Jones will provide clients with a team approach to their legal representation that will ensure they have the best possible chance of prevailing and securing justice.