When summertime rolls around, we all want to escape the confines of our homes and immerse ourselves in the sun and fresh air. Cookouts, outdoor sports, swimming, or even just a relaxing stroll at dusk are just a few of the benefits of warmer weather. Kids want to throw baseballs and ride bikes with their…


It is just what we do

Often people come to Black & Jones Attorneys at Law after the insurance company has stopped paying for medical care and/or weekly benefits. The individuals are confused because everything the insurance company asked of them they did. They cooperated with the insurance company expecting the same treatment in return; not realizing the insurance company was…


The key is to anticipate and plan

When flying it is important to plan for contingencies, things can happen and you have to be prepared.  Unexpected weather can pop up, other airplanes can appear, mechanical problems can develop and as pilot in command you have to be ready to address each issue. The same is true in a workers’ compensation case. Unexpected…


When to hire an attorney

Hire an attorney right away. I would recommend that you hire an attorney as soon as possible after you have a work related injury. This recommendation is not simply self-serving. It is to minimize the opportunity the insurance company has to control your case and make your case more difficult down the road. Initially the…


Workers’ Compensation Reform

Newly elected Governor Rauner wants to enact workers’ compensation reform, taking away rights from injured workers. Two recent studies examining the nation’s various workers’ compensation laws have found it is the workers and tax payers who are suffering through these reforms.  OSHA and ProPublic did the studies. One of the findings is,“Employers are paying the…


Victory for injured workers

Tracy Jones won a significant victory for injured workers. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act requires that an injured worker give the employer notice of the work injury within 45 days of the injury. (Some employers have a company policy which requires notice sooner than 45 days.) For the sudden traumatic event this usually is not…


A new year

A new year is seeing significant changes at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (Commission). The Commission has rotated new arbitrators into the Rockford venue. My office is familiar with all three arbitrators having tried many cases in front of each.  My office looks forward to working with the new arbitrators moving cases to settlement or…


Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Program

Illinois has adopted a Preferred Provider Program for injured workers. This allows the employer and/or its insurance company to set up a preferred provider network. The preferred provider is a doctor or medical facility chosen by the employer. The injured worker does not need to treat with the preferred provider. However, if the injured worker…