Not All Offers Are Created Equal

At times, when an offer is communicated to a client, the client responds with a quick, “that’s not a good offer.”  The client’s response may or may not be accurate. What strikes me though, is how did the client determine what his case is worth? Ultimately, every case is worth what the arbitrator would award…


Open Medical Rights

Open Medical Rights? What to do when your former attorney won’t help get treatment approved after your case has closed. Over the years, Black & Jones has had several new clients come into our office lost and unsure what to do. Their former attorneys won’t respond to their phone calls after their file closes. They…


Deciding which law firm to hire for your claim?

Wondering how best to decide which law firm to hire for your workers’ compensation claim or Social Security Disability claim? There are four important factors to consider—the law firm’s reputation, the attitude of the firm’s attorneys who will be assigned to your case, the law firm’s experience with cases like yours, and the location of…


Litigation wilderness

The Boundary Waters Wilderness area is 1,090,000 acres of wilderness, lakes, streams and rivers. Access to the area is by permit only so the number of people paddling through the area at any one time is limited.  A canoeist can go weeks without seeing another human being.  Cell phones do not work in the area….