Mr. Fix it

Luis is our Spanish interpreter, Mr. Fix It, and Social Security Disability file generator. Luis is the go to guy when the computers are not doing what is expected. He also translates for our Spanish speaking clients. He takes this job seriously. He has been over heard debating the proper Spanish word for the English…


Shamrock Shuffle

The support staff at the Law Office of Jim Black & Associates gave up part of a Sunday to participate in the “Shamrock Shuffle 5K Run-Walk 2013” to run for a cure for muscular dystrophy. Cindy, Gloria, Laura, Bryanna, and Shonna all participated and completed the run.  They called themselves the “Four Law Clovers”. Not…


Medical Bills

“Medical bills are the bane of the workers’ compensation practice.” These words were heard at a workers’ compensation law seminar.  And so true the works are! Fortunately for the Law Office of Jim Black and Associates we have Karen Walker. She is pictured above checking on medical bills. She does so quickly and accurately. This…



Here is Gloria putting together our subpoenas. It takes quite a bit to put a workers’ compensation case together. The most important is to obtain medical records. Gloria sends out 60-70 subpoenas per week. Each subpoena requires a cover letter, the subpoena and a medical authorization. It is very important that injured workers tell us…


Adopt a family for Christmas

The entire office staff joined in to “Adopt a family for Christmas” by providing gifts and clothes for a family of four in the Rockford area.  In the picture, Shonna and Gloria are delivering the gifts to a Salvation Army employee. We all hope the family has a wonderful Christmas.


Preparing for trial

Issues in workers’ compensation cases can be involved and require extensive development of both factual and legal evidence. Here Tracy is putting her heart and soul into getting ready for a trial. In this case, the very factually and legally complicated issue of, “when does mental stress which causes physical injury become work related”. The…


Halloween 2012

On October 31st the staff at the Law Office of Jim Black donned the Halloween costumes and had some fun. One staff person, Kristy, dressed up as another staff person, Gloria. Kristy made a pretty good Gloria. Here she is doing Gloria’s “coffee dance”. Gloria tends to do this dance in the morning once the…


Summit Award

The Law Office of Jim Black wins an award for its TV ad! The Law Office of Jim Black and Associates was recently awarded the Creative Award from Summit International for its latest TV ad.  This is the one entitled, “Jim Black Super Hero”. Summit International Award notes, “The Summit International Award is the oldest…