Litigation wilderness

The Boundary Waters Wilderness area is 1,090,000 acres of wilderness, lakes, streams and rivers. Access to the area is by permit only so the number of people paddling through the area at any one time is limited.  A canoeist can go weeks without seeing another human being.  Cell phones do not work in the area….


The key is to anticipate and plan

When flying it is important to plan for contingencies, things can happen and you have to be prepared.  Unexpected weather can pop up, other airplanes can appear, mechanical problems can develop and as pilot in command you have to be ready to address each issue. The same is true in a workers’ compensation case. Unexpected…


When to hire an attorney

Hire an attorney right away. I would recommend that you hire an attorney as soon as possible after you have a work related injury. This recommendation is not simply self-serving. It is to minimize the opportunity the insurance company has to control your case and make your case more difficult down the road. Initially the…


Tracy Jones cars and cases

Tracy is progressing on her project to restore the T-Bird.  She takes the same care to detail and refinement with the restoration of the T-Bird as she does with the workers’ compensation cases she handles. She polishes out the rough spots and accenting the highlights. As with any major project, whether restoring an old car…


Workers’ Compensation Reform

Newly elected Governor Rauner wants to enact workers’ compensation reform, taking away rights from injured workers. Two recent studies examining the nation’s various workers’ compensation laws have found it is the workers and tax payers who are suffering through these reforms.  OSHA and ProPublic did the studies. One of the findings is,“Employers are paying the…


Luis & Daniela Delgado

Luis & Daniela Delgado: Luis Delgado has been an employee of the Law Office of Jim Black & Associates for over 7 years. In November of 2014 he married his lovely wife Daniela in Guadalajara, Mexico. To celebrate the marriage, an after hours reception was held by the firm where games and good cheer ensued….


Victories in federal court

8 Victories in Federal Court Diaz v. Colvin, 4:13-cv-04034-SLD: Reversed and remanded by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois because the ALJ ignored favorable evidence, particularly several low GAF scores in the 40s assessed by multiple treating sources over eighteen months. Robertson v. Astrue, 3:12-cv-50375: Reversed and remanded by the U.S….


Gloria completes a half marathon

Gloria quietly put before herself the challenge of running a half marathon. She trained and trained and train. She focused all of her energy and determination in pushing herself all 13.1 miles and SHE DID IT.


Bill Wojnarowski a new asscociate

Bill was born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois. Bill graduated from Waukegan High School in 2006, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2010, where Bill received his Bachelor of Arts, and from Northern Illinois University College of Law in 2013, where Bill received my Juris Doctorate. Bill graduated law school cum laude, was…