Building Cases and Rebuilding Cars

Rebuilding an old car The body of a car being rebuilt

The ’61 T-Bird is almost complete. The interior was put back together last week. It looks good now. But when Tracy Jones helped tear out the interior and found the carpet waterlogged and mice nests hidden all over, it looked like it couldn’t possibly go back together and look good. But with a little attention and elbow grease, it turned out sharp.

Often times injured workers’ find themselves in the middle of a mess that looks like it has no hope of turning out right. The situation looks so messy and bleak that they lose any hope that things can work out right for them. That’s where Black & Jones, Attorneys at Law steps in. We are able to strip away the mess to get to the core facts of a case and help our clients rebuild their case. And, more importantly, put their lives back together again. At the center of every case we handle is a person. But between the games employers play and obstacles insurance companies put in their path, workers’ are left feeling like there is no way that things can go their way. The facts of the case get muddied or misinterpreted. The doctor’s opinions get manipulated. The treatment goes askew. A workers’ rights are hidden or ignored. When this happens, it can make the worker feel as though there is no hope for them. Black & Jones understands how bad things can look. It’s our job to get in there and clean things up, to get things back on the right track and to get our clients the medical treatment and benefits they are entitled to. It’s what we do and it’s what we can do for you.