Didn’t See That Coming

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Change is never easy nor is it easy to predict. No matter how much research one does nor how critical one analyzes the data there is always the “didn’t see that coming” factor. Two stark examples of where the “didn’t see that coming” factor involve the 1850 prediction of what New York City would look like one…


Safety Violations and injuries

What happens when your work injury was caused by your employer not complying with health and safety standards? Sometimes injuries happen even when you and your employer are following every safety standard. Unfortunately, when a business is allowing employees to work in an environment or around equipment that is blatantly unsafe, injuries not only are…


Rights of Undocumented Injured Workers

Undocumented workers’ who suffer an injury arising out of and in the course of employment have the rights afforded by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, with a few exceptions.  Undocumented workers’ who are injured on the job are entitled to have all reasonable and necessary medical expenses paid.  When the undocumented injured worker is temporarily…



When summertime rolls around, we all want to escape the confines of our homes and immerse ourselves in the sun and fresh air. Cookouts, outdoor sports, swimming, or even just a relaxing stroll at dusk are just a few of the benefits of warmer weather. Kids want to throw baseballs and ride bikes with their…



When you call, or come into, the law office of Black and Jones and you feel more comfortable speaking in Spanish, you will talk with Gustavo. Gustavo is an employee of Black and Jones who is fluent in both Spanish and English. Gustavo is there to ensure what you want to say is properly heard…


It is just what we do

Often people come to Black & Jones Attorneys at Law after the insurance company has stopped paying for medical care and/or weekly benefits. The individuals are confused because everything the insurance company asked of them they did. They cooperated with the insurance company expecting the same treatment in return; not realizing the insurance company was…