Attributes Plane/Horseback


Bringing Jim back to life and introducing his new partner, Tracy Jones called for a significant change in direction.  After 2 plus years of animated commercials we went back to the real world.  The firm name changed to Black & Jones with the addition of Tracy Jones as Jim’s new partner.  This commercial parallels the attributes of being an attorney with Jim and Tracy’s hobbies.  Jim, being a pilot, speaks of preparation and attention to detail, while Tracy compares the care for a horse to the care given to a work comp client.  Tracy also talks about the freedom of riding horse and the freedom that she is happy to provide her clients to get back to a normal life after an injury.  This is the first in a series of 2 60-second commercials that are sure to shed a new light on what it takes to be a great attorney and what a great firm Black & Jones is.