Attributes Backpack/Car


Bringing Jim back to life and introducing his new partner, Tracy Jones called for a significant change in direction. After 2 plus years of animated commercials we went back to the real world. The firm name changed to Black & Jones with the addition of Tracy Jones as Jim’s new partner. This commercial is the second in a series of 60-second commercials that parallel the attributes of being an attorney with Jim and Tracy’s hobbies. Jim is an avid backpacker, which takes preparation and vigilance to keep pushing on which are the same attributes he exhibits in handling a work comp claim. The exhilaration Jim feels at the end of a long hike is the same type of emotion he feels when he has won a work comp case. One of Tracy’s many talents is the ability to work hard and actually repair old automobiles, a passion she shares with her husband. The passion and commitment it takes to repair an old automobile are both attributes Tracy exhibits in her legal profession. The satisfaction of putting something back together is exactly what she experiences when the case is finished and she has helped put her client’s life back together. Both attribute shed a new light on what it takes to be a great attorney and what a great firm Black & Jones is.